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Who we are & What we do

Established in 1978, our company has been designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing industrial DC power supply units applying a switching regulator at high frequency wave, high accuracy and high‐voltage DC power supply units , DC‐DC converters, analog/digital hybrid ICs, and micro computer application products.
Further, we will, in order to accommodate the needs for electronic devices which have been downsized and diversified in recent years, propose a new solution with the keywords of wireless charging system, high efficient LLC circuit, DC power supply system, remote supervision as well as semi-custom and full-digital power supply.


1978/06 BellnixCo. Ltd. was established for the purpose of designing and developing minicomputer application products.
1978/10 Started to manufacture switching regulators
1980/08 Began to design and manufacture high-voltage power supply units for KohEnerugiibutsurigaku Kenkyuusho(which was governed by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)
1985/01 Launched the manufacturing of an ultra-compact (the world's smallest) DC-DC converter after succeeding in its research and development
1985/10 Delivered a high-voltage distributor to the European Organization for Nuclear Researchvia the University of Tokyo
1986/11 Initiated the mass marketing of the world's first programmable high-voltage power supply unit with a built-in minicomputer after achieving its development
1993/02 Succeeded in the world's first device integration of a high-voltage power supply unit and began to market it as MHVseries
2000/03 Started to sell ultra-low noise AC-DC switching power supply units
2003/07 Began to sell super-fast POL converters as BSVseries
2003/11 Obtained ISO9001and ISO14001 certifications
2005/01 BSVseries were recommended by the world-renowned PLDmanufactures, Altera Corporation and Xilinx, Inc.
2005/03 Concluded a mutual OEM agreement with XP POWER, a British company
2006/03 Achieved the development of a super-fast digital POL converter
2007/06 Our power supply unit was adopted as a component for Boing B-787.
2007/07 Entered into a mutual OEM agreement with the RECOMPower GmbH office in Germany
2008/06 Awarded the prize of "300 Small and Medium Lively Manufacturing Enterprises in 2008" by the Minster of Economy, Trade and Industry
2008/11 Certified as a Technical Brand Corporation in Saitama City by the Mayor of Saitama city
2011/05 Our super-fast POLConverter, BSV-nano, won the EDN2010 Innovation Award(Power Supplies Category).
2013/03 Initiated the marketing of an electric bicycle, "Lucina", which safeguards children's security
2014/03 Our company was introduced to 130 countries in the world on NHK World (BS).
2014/07 Made an announcement of the world's first electric bicycle employing the non-contact power supply system
2015/02 Succeeded in the world's first proving experiment of the electric bicycle employing the non-contact power supply system
2016/03 Successful in the world's first field experiment of the electric bicycle employing the non-contact power supply system


Our company has obtained the two quality management system certifications, ISO9001 and ISO14001, in November 2003, and all of our employees seek to promote and maintain the company's quality policies and environment policies.