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《Q310》 When the DC-DC malfunctions and the input voltage is directly discharged from the output, howmuch current will be discharged through the output? (When shorted, how much A will be outputed from the he switching IC?)


When the converter malfunctions and the unrestricted current is discharged, the A will be determined by the power supply and its capacity. When this occurs the smaller parts of the PCB pattern may be disconnected. This does not only apply when malfunction occurs to the product, but also when shorted between patterns or malfunctions while the power supply line for the capacitor has a broken short mode. As a countermeasure, putting a fuse to the input line may be the best way. If the power supply has a limited capacity, using that by itself will not have a problem, but if the capacity is large, the smaller patterns may be cut off but also depends on the pattern itself. Therefore checking the capacity of the power supply would be a good idea.

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